Arizona Tax Pros. PLLC

Thank you for another great year. We made it thru May 17th.2021.

Now is the time to start working on the extension to finish the tax year.

Our office will be closed starting June 1st, thru Aug 17th 2021 if you need to contact us

Call (623)889-3444. Leave your name and number and we will call you back or email us at

The due date for all corporation and partnerships returns that are under extensions is no later than Sept 15, 2021.

The due date for all personal returns that are under extensions is no later than Oct 15, 2021.

Please call ASAP so we can schedule your appointment for August or September to finish your taxes.

Call soon as appointment spots are filling quickly.
Ask us about our secure portal. It’s easy and a faster way to do your taxes
You never need to leave your home. Or better yet, send your documents to us through the portal 
before your appointment to help speed up the process.

Check our website for more information (Aztaxpros.com).

Have a great summer.
God Bless and be safe.

Michael Freeland
Ray Freeland